Give your digital piano
the freedom to move

“No brainer! Out of the box and straight under the Clavinova.
Sturdy and does what it promises.”

Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village, Northamptonshire

The Original Digital Piano Castor

Musisca digital piano castors (or dollies) are high quality, heavy duty castors cleverly designed to fit almost any digital upright piano.* 

Aided by a castor lock on each side, they allow easy manoeuvrability with scratch free wheels, protecting the base of the piano and the flooring. 

The extra safe, low profile design raises the piano only 18mm off the ground, enabling you to play with the castors attached and also keeping a low ground clearance to aid stability. Non-slip shoes ensure that your piano will stay in position, even on the most polished of floors.

* Max. piano feet size: 96mm x 540mm. Max. load 150kg

Musisca digital piano castors are suitable for use with most upright digital pianos including models from the following manufacturers

High quality 
powder coated finish

solid steel construction

British design 
and manufacture

Rubber shoes keep the instrument in position


Ten Year

Peace of mind with our
10 year warranty

Musisca Glide



The ‘Glide’ is suitable for most digital pianos including:

YDP113, YDP121, YDP130, YDP131, YDP140, YDP141, YDP142, YDP151, YDP160, YDP161, YDP162, YDP143, YDP163
CLP525, CLP535, CLP545, CLP575, CLP585, CVP601, CVP605, CLP430, CLP440, CLP470, CLP480, CLPS406 & CLPS408, CVP501, CVP503, CLP820, CLP840, CLP860, CLP870, CLP880, CLP920, CLP930, CLP950, CLP970, CLP115, CLP120, CLP130, CLP150, CLP170, CLP220, CLP230, CLP240, CLP270, CLP280, CLP320, CLP330, CLP340, CLP370, CLP380, CLPS308, CLPS308, CLP430, CLP440, CLP470, CLP480, CLPS406, CLPS408, CVP301, CVP305, CVP401, CVP403, CVP201, CVP203, CVP205, CVP103, CVP105, CLP625, CLP635, CLP645, CLP675, CLP685, CVP701, CVP705

RP101, RP201, RP301, RP301R, RP401R, HP504, HP506, HP508, HP503, HP505, HP507, HP302, HP305, HP307, LX15, LX15E, HP101, HP102, HP103, HP107, HP203 , HP204, HP207, HPi5, HPi6, HPi6F, HPi7, HPi7F, LX10, LX10F, HP1e, HP2e, HP3e, HP7e, HPi50, HP137, HP237, HP136, HP236, RP501, RP102, HP601, HP603, HP605, LX7, LX17

AP-250, AP-260, AP-450, AP-460, AP-650, AP-220, AP-420, AP-620, AP-6BP, AP25, AP33, AP80, AP-200, AP-400, AP-270, AP-470, AP-700, GP-300, GP-400, GP-500

CA95, CA97, CA65, CA67, CA15, CN25, CN35, CN2, CN34, CN33, CN24, CS4, CS7, CE220, KCP90, KDP80, KDP90, CP2, CP3

DPR2200H, DPR2150H, DPR2100H, DPR2000, DPR1600, DPR1500, DPS9H, DPS8H, DPS1200, SLP200H, SLP200, SLP200L, SLP300, SLP50

CUP120, CUP110 , M3W, M1, MP20, MP15, MP10

D2, D3, D5


F50, F20

If your digital piano is not listed above, please call 01428 653381 to check compatibility.

Musisca Glide Specifications
External dimensions (per castor):
63cm x 27cm (length x width)
Internal dimensions (per castor):
54cm x 9.5cm (length x width)
Boxed weight (pair): 11.3kg


Musisca digital piano castors are also available from the following UK stores

Trade Enquiries

Tom and Will Distribution

Tel: 01428 653381